Excellence in Education
Bronx Park East Preparatory 
Ms. Spencer, Director
I birthed my vision of starting a program on August 18, 1994. I cannot tell you it has been easy to sustain over a decade and a half. But, I thank God everyday for continuity and longevity. I am not ashamed to say that I have "it" factor that has allowed parents to have that level of comfort where they can put their minds at ease when they leave to go to work, a training program, or even school themselves. Parents not only have sent one of their children to my school, but, multiple siblings, and family members. As an educator, I feel I have one of the most important jobs in this life. I have become a millionaire, not on lottery winnings, but, with the "little blessings" that come through the school doors every morning. There's an inexplicable gratification when a child recognizes a color, shape, a letter of the alphabet, a particular number, or because they are with you for three quarters of the day, you take the credit for potty training them, or getting them over developmental milestones that foster their own independence and growth. By the grace of God, I have had an awesome experience these past seventeen years. I have had staying power because Christ is the head of my life, and I put Him first in all that I do. Centers come and centers go, but I am still here because I wholeheartedly feel I have made a difference in all of my "little blessings" life. And, when they come back to see me, after they have gone on elementary schools, gifted programs, and higher levels of learning, and they come back to visit, I am elated. They never forget their "SCHOOL FAMILY
Ms. Denise, Lead Teacher
Ms. Bess, Assistant Teacher
Ms. Bess has been with the academy for over 14 years
Ms. Denise has been with the academy for over 7 years